Who we are

GamePlan Studio is a Brazilian gaming studio that specializes in creating unique and engaging games that deliver meaningful emotional experiences. Our team of experts combines design, art, and programming skills to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We offer co-development projects, full SKU, concepts, and low-level engineering services for PC, consoles, and web/LUA/HTML5. We also create our own original IPs, showcasing our versatility and passion for delivering innovative gaming experiences.

GamePlan is committed to democratizing opportunities and developing the gaming ecosystem in a healthy and sustainable way for everyone, making them a standout gaming studio in the industry.

Co Development

With more than 8 years operating in the games industry, GamePlan is your destination for co-development projects, Full SKU, Concepts, and Low-Level Engineering (PC, Consoles and Web/LUA/HTML5). We specialize in making games for cloud gaming platforms, and we also love a challenge, from super complex porting with little-known programming languages to game development where the technology is the differentiator.


GamePlan Studio is a versatile company that creates games using our original IP games. Our talented team works together to deliver unique and innovative experiences through cutting-edge technology, deep storytelling and differentiated gameplay. We are committed to providing players with the best gaming experience possible, driven by our passion for gaming. Experience GamePlan’s versatility and passion with our original games