Wëiph – Reins of Fate is a Puzzle Platformer where the player controls a stray cat trying to find a safe haven in a world at the brink fo calamity.

During its journey, Wëiph will come in contact with its past lifes, great heroes that had a huge impact on the world in the past, but also took part on the reasons of the destruction and desolation of the present days.

Taking their abilities for itself, Wëiph must open the way to the salvation of the people from a destroyed village, venture into the unknown wastelands and facing the continuous and overwhelming degradation of the world around it.

Together with their powers, Wëiph will also have to face their choices and demises, reliving the most important moments of its past lifes, connecting with people from other times, recounting tales from other perspectives and understading how they were so important to create the present reality. Wëiph – Reins of Fate is a tale about acceptance and how to deal with the present created by your actions. 

Through Wëiph, players will have to face past mistakes, mend wounds and try the best to live and be happy in a world that doesn’t have a great evil behind its destruction, but is the product of actions, omissions and tough choices.

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About GamePlan

Founded in 2014, Gameplan is one of the leading game development studios in Brazil, growing from a small team of 5 to more than 30 dedicated experts, based in Fortaleza, Recife and São Paulo. Working on titles like ID@XBOX’s Diversity Fund-supported Fireflies, Wonderer of Arcadia (XBOX and PC) and other three high-profile unannounced co-development projects, we are happy to announce Wëiph: Reins of Fate, one of our owned, unique IPs.


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