GamePlan Studio

GamePlan is Brazilian studio with the mission of creating interactive experiences exploring creativity in design, art and the implementation of unique projects to exceed our partners’ expectations. 

Our senior team brings together over 50 years of combined experience; a team of talents that look at every product from the perspective of its users and how we can create something meaningful, from deep emotional journeys to fun and chaotic gameplays. 

We are based in Northeastern Brazil, working together with the community with a commitment to democratize opportunities and develop the gaming ecosystem in a healthy and sustainable way for everyone.

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Co Development

GamePlan is your destination for co-development projects, Full SKU, Concepts, and Low-Level Engineering (PC, Consoles and Web/LUA/HTML5). We specialize in making games for cloud gaming platforms.


GamePlan Studio is a versatile company that creates games using our own original IP games.

Awards and Recognitions